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Individual percentage
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✓We contact each other.
✓We present our RDP accounts for you.
✓Create a chat with the leader and support managers.
✓We prepare accounts.
✓We send you an access to RDP after your payment.
High limit accounts for your benefit
Trust RDP
24/7 we solve all arising account issues and response to your questions; we advise on the launch of accounts in all verticals.

Also, we can recommend you creatives and approaches which are better to use as well as ways to extend the activity of accounts.
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RDP is a remote desktop protocol which allows you to connect to any computer remotely running Windows and available to any user one of the operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux.
It is a convenient, efficient and practical tool for remote access to manage administrative or daily working purposes.
RDP servers are used for cooperative working in the system, the users can deploy workstations,
allowing them to connect to their workplace remotely.

To connect to Remote Desktop in Windows press Win+R, type MSTSC and press Enter.
In the opened window, enter the IP address or computer name, select "Connect", enter the username and password. Then the remote computer screen appears.

Microsoft has released an official RDP app For Mac OS that works stably during connection to any version of Windows.
In Mac OS X, To connect to a Windows computer, it is essential to download the Microsoft Remote Desktop app from the App Store.
Pressing the Plus button in the app, you add a remote computer:
enter its IP address, username and password. Double click on remote desktop name
in the connection list will open the Windows desktop.

Addition and free replacement of advertising accounts within 1 hour.
A quick start
Keep in touch
manager support.
Our accounts allow you to consistently cast volume with a daily spend more than $3,000.
Stable spending budget
Costs saving
We take the holds from FB on ourselves and pay for them using our own budget.
We issue verified fan pages to launch.
High level or trustworthiness
Expert opinion
Expert advice on launching accounts.
Limits from $250 up to unlimited budget from the first day of work.
High Limits
Financial cushion
Guaranteed safety of funds and cashback at any time.

training materials from Trust RDP

The current buying team leader shares his experience on traffic flooding.
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Accounts from shops and personal farm department
Cooperation with us
High spending before you find the right option that will work successfully and consistently.
Accounts are less trustworthy, as they have already been authorized on several IP addresses and most likely on different hardware.
They start up worse and stay active less.
A lot of operation systems, commissions and large investments in proxies, anti-detect browsers, cards, accounts.
The most trustworthy connection for FB is the launching with RDP accounts.
Quick launch of advertising with a guarantee and no bans.
You will be able to increase the volume and spend steadily in the shortest possible time.
Free addition of new advertising accounts.
We work
Preparation for launch
Contact us via
We prepare accounts for you
We present our project (product) to you through a personal call or chat.
Create a chat with our support managers
When the accounts are ready, we accept your payment for replenishment

How it works
We issue access and advise on the launch
You earn. Our fee is only 6 - 15%.
How it works
Contact us via
We present our project (product) to you through a personal call or chat
Create a chat with our support managers
Preparation for launch
We prepare accounts for you
We work
When the accounts are ready, we accept your payment for replenishment
We issue access and advise on the launch
You earn.
Our fee is only 15%
Медиа о нас
The case: how to run ads on gambling with a spending budget up to $10,000 from the account.

In this case, I want to tell you how I casted Brazil on gambling, and how, with the assistance of RDP accs, I got $5,000-10,000 from each account.
Как RDP-кабинеты помогают
спендить $3000+ на аккаунт.

Ребята из Trust RDP Agency рассказали нам,
как с помощью RDP-кабинетов можно спендить от $3k с одного аккаунта.
Что такое РДП-кабы, чем они лучше фармов / авторегов / агентских кабов,
как подключиться к РДП — обо всем этом узнаете в статье.
How RDP accounts allow to spend $3000+ per account.

The guys from Trust RDP Agency told us you can spend from $3k from one account using RDP accounts.
What the RDP accounts are and why they are better than farmed / autoregistered / agent accs,
how to connect to RDP
- you will learn all the information in the article.
Why Facebook's RDP Accounts Are the Best Solution for the Gulf

The article described what RDP accounts are, how to connect to them and what advantages they have over conventional advertising cabinets. Educational program for beginners and those who have not worked with RDP yet, but really want to spend $ 3000 per day from one account.
International affiliate program with 7 years’ experience. There are about 1,000 active offers in the store.
More than 100 products of our own production and our Call-center.
Affiliate program that has been operating since 2019. In 2022, the affiliate left the private space. Main vertical: gambling.
There are also offers in other verticals.
Collaborate with webmasters on the CPA model.
Our partners
Affiliate network and advertiser who has white and nutra offers for any traffic source!
They work according to the CPS, CPA, CPI model.
Star Gambling Affiliate Program and vertical betting.
The affiliate was created by a whole team with over 10 years of experience in affiliate marketing.

We had been working in private mode for a long time and accepted partners only by invites.
In January 2023, the access was opened for all webmasters and affiliates.
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A profitable solution for teams with a monthly spending budget more than $10,000.